Electronic Cigarette Bonuses and Freebies

electronic CigaretteAre you a smoker who switched to an electronic cigarette? Then you have a number of bonuses and special offers you can utilize to make using the electronic cigarette even more affordable. Top e-cig manufacturers are realizing the importance of keeping their existing customers happy, so you can now find great deals on refill cartridges, contests and freebies, along with many other special offers through review sites and resource centers online.

For starters, you can win a smoke free cigarette just by reviewing the current brand of electronic cigarette you are using. Write a short review and fill out the contest form to submit the application; every week new winners are announced and you too can be the next person to receive a free electronic cigarette starter kit.

Most electronic cigarette users are also advising others to switch to one. With Member Get Member offers now also widely available, you can get freebies by recommending the electronic cigarette brand you already use and love. Depending on the e-cig manufacturer you are recommending, you can get anything from free refill cartridges to accessories and free starter kits.

The good news is, you can also find discounts and special offers on refill cartridges and accessories just as easily. If you want to try new flavors, you can now opt for a mixed pack of up to 10 different refill cartridges at an affordable price; you can try 10 flavors without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Accessories are also being sold as packages at stunningly low prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best deals, special offers, and freebies you can benefit from and make the experience of using an electronic cigarette even more enjoyable and affordable at the same time. For more info on how to find specific offers, stay tuned for updates right here on this site.

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  2. Bunnysbrown

    This first warning was followed by a second FDA report September 9,
    2010 of an enforcement action of 5 electronic cigarette companies who had violated
    the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) by making
    unsubstantiated claims and having poor manufacturing practices.

    For this reason, these makes them a lot better for the environment than regular cigarettes which unleashes more than four thousand toxins with each puff.
    Many e-juice manufacturers have become more inventive with electric cigarette flavours and they’re giving electronic cigarette smokers more freedom.

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